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As well as walked in to a house and felt uneasy?

Was the home damp, dark or cluttered?

Had the home been occupied previously by another owner?

These examples could be signs there are negative energies in your house or even a house you've been in.

energy clearing

You dont desire to be around negative energy, and you also definitely don't want to be moving into a place that holds plenty of negative energies as this will in the end bring your own energy down. Start your speech to feel tired, emotional, depressed, lethargic or angry.

It's also possible to have seen a person could cause one to feel as though they have got sucked all of the energy from you or maybe your conversation. Use caution about how other individuals treat you, and spot what emotions you feel when you spend time with people.

You will need to conserve a positive energy field around yourself. Humans include energy and our entire world is run on energy. Perhaps the food you eat offers you energy.
Alternative medicine
You could feel rejuvenated after eating and enjoying a banana under the sun while doing yoga together with your bestie. It is because all these important things have a confident energy and we have to balance our life with things that lift our vibrations.

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